Kings & Queens

Following the rousing climax of “Dead Drop,” KINGS & QUEENS finds the spy and his lover reminiscing about better times on the eve of his departure to settle a debt. While she contemplates the past, he looks to secure their future. Full of passion and danger, this penultimate chapter in the cinematic dance trilogy will leave you breathless for more.

After an eight month span of bicoastal photography and countless hours of post-production, we are proud to present “Kings & Queens,” the second installment in our cinematic dance trilogy. (Please follow this link to view the first film, “Dead Drop.”) Like its predecessor, “Kings & Queens” was created on a shoestring budget, this time costing only $84. Please stick around after the credits for a teaser shot leading into the final installment!

This film is dedicated to Giuseppe Tornatore and Ennio Morricone.

Director/Producer: Jason Eberly
Writer: Nathan Hartman
Director of Photography/Editor: Jordan Steele
Starring: Mayte Valdes, Carlos Barrionuevo,
and Leonardo Barrionuevo

ClientIndependentRole(s)Director, Producer, VFX, ColoristRelease Year2014GenreDance/

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