Video assets for CDPH HIV Counselor Training

The video content for this course will be spread out into four different categories: host content, animations/graphics, testimonials, and counseling/testing demonstrations. The breakdown of each category is as follows...


The host will introduce each module (and possibly wrap-up the modules), giving an overview of what will be covered. We plan to cast an engaging, dynamic talent who will set the tone for the whole course. UCLA is still shortlisting possible hosts.

Queer actor/writer Eliot Glazer (Broad City) is a potential host candidate


Each module will have 2-3 videos with animations and graphics (for approximately 12 graphical videos for the whole course). These will be spread evenly throughout the modules and will be used in sections that could benefit from 3D animations. For example, one animated video will illustrate how the immune system works, called “When Invaders Strike.”

The host will narrate these videos and, when applicable, even appear alongside the graphics in a virtual 3D space. Please see the below mockup of how this virtual space could look.

Example rendering of studio setup with host and graphics (click for full view)


We will record interviews with 10 people giving real-life testimonials. These are people living with HIV, Syphilis, or Hep C. The interviewees will come from diverse backgrounds (economic, gender, gender presenting, age, income status, drug users/non, etc.). UCLA is in the process of finding people for this section.

Regarding filming locations, we plan to find a warm, inviting space for all the testimonial interviews. Below is an example of a local Los Angeles filming location that we could use for these interviews (based on availability).

Potential filming location for all testimonials (click for full view)


UCLA will find 3 counselors to cover HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C. On video, the counselors will demonstrate how to administer the tests and also act out counseling scenarios with 3 actors. Evertale Films will cast the actors. We plan to include persons representing a diverse group: gender, gender presenting, race, sexual orientation, and age.

Regarding filming locations, UCLA requested various locations for the testing demonstrations (i.e. – mobile unit, public health spaces, and others). For the counseling scenes, this location might still be undecided. Evertale Films would like to pitch a setting like the below location, something with visual flair. We would use set dressing to make it look more like an office. In the end, UCLA will be the determining voice regarding the counseling location(s).

Potential filming location for the counseling scenes (click for full view)