Meeting In The Middle

When old flames, Ellen and Adam, go to therapy to discuss their recent separation, they both tell their respective sides of the story. Ellen starts from the beginning and Adam from the end. “Meeting in the Middle” brings the laughs hard and fast, painting a hilarious portrayal of relationships and the stupid things that can get in the way.

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Best Live-Action Film
2008 Forester Films Showcase

Official Selection
2008 “Best Shorts in the World” by Indy Mogul

Official Selection
2008 Flint Film Festival

Official Selection
2008 Colony Film Festival

Director: Jason Eberly
Screenwriter: Nathan Hartman
Producer: Tory Nelson
Starring: Deanna Repic, Chris Betz, Kristen Kohaut, Andrea Aspacher, Abi Allwein, and Jeff Berggren
Sound: Jordan Wolf

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